Welcome to the Don't Look Back Fanon Wiki!

Welcome! Here, you can make ideas for Don't Look Back, a difficult platformer/run n' gun game. Note that most of the things here are fan-made and not official. We've got a couple rules here that you should read, before you make things. Anyways, below all the rules you can find links to the main pages, so feel free to click on them and check stuff out.

Rules Edit

  • 1: Comments

You can write comments on any page, if you want. Sometimes, if you want a question answered, that would be the place to go. I don't care if you swear, but if you do, make sure it's not being used in a rude way. That being said, don't say anything mean, really. That's all.

  • 2: Moderator Rights

Being a moderator is a privilege, not a right. If you are a moderator and are inactive for more than six months, your moderator status will be taken away. If you become active once more after that, we may consider giving your moderator status back. If you abuse your powers, your status will be taken away. I cannot give you moderator if you are a guest. Make an account first. It's free!

  • 3: Other Stuff

Vandalism is not tolerated on this wiki, and can get you banned. Types of vandalism include:

  • Erasing all of somebody else's work.
  • Adding something inappropriate or unnecessary.

Also, ignoring the rules will get you banned.

Some Pages You Should Probably Check Out Edit

These are some pages that you might wanna check out. Just saying.

Link To the Game Edit

If you want to play Don't Look Back for yourself, Here's a link:

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